Input Logic Media is a division of IMI Innovations, Inc., and utilizes the IMI SDK (Software Development Kit; “MiceInp.dll”). This enabling technology offers developers the tools to create independent multiple data streams from multiple devices, call the data streams into their development environments, create left and right handed cursors, and map positions across the application. Developers can now easily design for two or more users as well as two-handed (bimanual) integration.

The 1.0 version of the SDK also includes two innovative tools. The first is Objects Automation, which allows layers of application and object locations to be stored as sets, and automates the movement from location to location in any order. The second tool, called GRID, creates an invisible grid overlay, on top of both the application and the computer desk top. The GRID guides cursor movement, is configurable, and provides two modes of operation (See White Paper).

Finally, the applications from Input Logic Media utilize the beta version of the IMI Input Data Message Broker. This system, currently in development, allows mouse-based devices to be assigned to specific applications...which opens up the world of multiple users in a profound way.

Those seeking a more detailed exposition of these remarkable technologies should feel free to download the White Paper and other documents from this page.

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